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Other days they would munch through bags of pizza rolls, corn dogs and potato chips or cook hearty casseroles.

When they met, customer services rep Amber weighed 9st and machinist Bo 15st, but after three years of marriage they had both ballooned to a staggering 25st.

In that time they had two children, Gavin, now four, and Octavia, one, but only had sex 10 or so times because they were "too big" and it "wasn't fun".

But it wasn't until Bo lost his job and they hit "rock bottom" and were pushed to the brink of divorce that they decided something had to change.

As punishment she is frequently sent to the boys’ room where she is not permitted to take part in physical or academic activities with the boys, but instead is told to sit and face a wall.

“My children are suffering academically and made to feel as though they’re abnormal because they don’t fit these completely untrue stereotypes,” said the mother, who has remained anonymous to protect her daughters’ privacy.

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ACLU Files Lawsuit on Behalf of Family that Has Been Adversely Affected by Faulty Program PARKERSBURG, W. – The American Civil Liberties Union and the ACLU of West Virginia today sued a middle school they contend harms the education of students by illegally forcing them into same-sex classes and using discredited sex-based teaching methods.

If you watched the John Oliver video about the problems with sex education in America, you caught a glimpse of Pam Stenzel, a Christian speaker who promotes abstinence before marriage.

If you’re unfamiliar with her, you may want to check out this extended version of her talk.

Paw Patrol alerted The HSUS of suspected sexual abuse.

The HSUS immediately contacted law enforcement and worked with Lt. The HSUS is offering support and expertise to the county prosecutor.


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